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welcome to ARIADNA



Thank you for visiting my web site.
It’s always difficult to write about myself. I believe that I do not need many words to describe what I do.
On my main page you can see hyperlinks that lead to my photos, paintings, vector illustrations, and a few articles. You can think that it is too many directions for one artist, but in reality everything what I do has a connection to architecture and design of interiors.

I’d like to tell you that St. Petersburg (Leningrad) is my place of birth and it is always in my heart. Now, I live and feel like at home in The Hague (the Netherlands) and it is the most wonderful city in the world.

As an artist I specialize in decorative painting. It's a new direction in my creativity, and it gives me a great inspiration since I can utilize new art materials and modern techniques. My last passion is photography. In my portfolio you can find photos connected to a new conception in architecture and modern interiors. My photos are publishing in different american and european magazines. Sometimes, I take a pen and write when I see something exceptional and extraordinary.

I ask you to feel free in any question to me.